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Our office is based in Genoa (Italy), we are a company which offers services for industrial
engineering. Our experience is mostly focused on:

• Mechanical and piping modelling
• Design of 2D/3D piping plants
• Isometrics, supports and B.O.M.
• Skid modeling
• Basic design for industrial plants (Power Plants, Oil & Gas Industry)
• 2D/3D design of medium/small size steel structures (stairs, walkways, etc.).
• Assembly drawings of 3D representations for offer purpose
• 3D complete models also of entire plants
• Rendering from 3D models
• Plant surveys 
• 3D static and dynamic simulations (i.e. for environment impact employ)

We perform our jobs in collaboration with technicians and engineers of the client Company.
Our services are mostly aimed to small and medium Companies.



Since 1986 we provide engineering services for small and medium Companies, we have reached considerable experience in design of many different types of industrial plants.
Since January 2000, nonsolodisegni has been created and we continued to contribute with our old customers.
We mainly deal with piping and mechanical design.


3d modeling

The collaboration with great industrial engineering Companies has allowed us to gain considerable experience in piping and mechanical disciplines.
Our relevant activities has been focused on Steam Piping and Auxiliary Systems, Drilling Rigs, Piping System for Horizontal and Vertical Furnaces, High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) Onshore and Offshore Skid, Piping Systems for Refinery, etc.
Our design is based on 3d modeling. We provide General Arrangements, Detailed Views, Supports Design, Piping Isometrics, Bill Of Materials.


our customers

nonsolodisegni knows how important customer's satisfaction is. To get more information about our skills, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to meet you and show you our potential.



salita di santa teresa, 13
16126 genoa (italy)


office: +39 010 4030338
mobile: +39 347 8139263